Vape Guide

Congratulations on your new vaping device! Here are some handy tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your vaping experience. Always use your vaporizer as recommended to safely optimise the performance and longevity of your device.

Device set-up:

1: Assemble the tank / coil.

2: Prime the coil by putting 2 - 3 drops of e-liquid down the centre of the coil then fill the tank, close the lid and let sit for 15 - 20 minutes.

3: Install the tank / pod onto the device.

4: Power the device on (usually 5 clicks on the fire button).

5: Adjust wattage settings to the correct parameters for the coil you have installed.

6: Enjoy!

Note: It is normal for a small amount of excess liquid to leak out during this process due to over-priming. Clean off any liquid that leaks out of the tank and any excess left inside the tank will quickly burn off through usage.

Changing Your Coil:

1: Remove tank / pod from device.

2: Unscrew / pull coil out of tank.

3: Thoroughly rinse the tank with warm water to remove any old e-liquid.

4: Dry out the tank with a paper towel, leave it for 10 minutes for any excess water to dry.

5: Install the new coil and reassemble the tank.

6: Prime the coil and refill the tank.

7: Reinstall the tank onto the device, let it sit for 15 minutes.

8: Enjoy!

Note: All devices need their coil changed regularly. Most users change their coil weekly but this can vary a lot depending on the device, the e-liquid and its usage. Many common problems with vaping devices can be fixed or avoided altogether with a fresh coil.

Charging your device:

We recommend using an external battery charger for devices with external batteries. This will improve their charging time, keep pairs balanced and improve the overall life of the batteries and device. USB ports on external battery devices are mostly intended for firmware updates and should only be used for charging in emergency situations.

For internal battery devices:

1: Ensure you are using the correct charging cable for your device. 

2: Plug your device into an appropriate charging source.

3: Wait for your device to fully charge (do not use it while charging).

4: Unplug the device as soon as a full charge is indicated.

Note: Most internal battery devices should not be charged with any current exceeding 5 volts and 0.5 amps. Charging in your car, using fast-charge docks and some USB C / 3.0 ports should be avoided. Currents exceeding these limits will cause damage to your device and can be a safety risk. Do not leave devices charging overnight and always remove the tank / pod while charging.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

All devices require regular cleaning to prevent problems occurring. 

All devices will leak e-liquid if exposed to certain conditions.

1: Condensation will form in the airways of your device. Dry this out with a tissue or q-tip daily to prevent it seeping into the device and damaging electronics.

2: Avoid taking your device into dusty or dirty environments. Clean any dust or debris off your device as soon as it is apparent. Pay extra attention to the mouthpiece and coil, debris entering the coil can cause a short circuit or be accidentally inhaled.

3: Change your coil on a regular basis. Worn out coils can cause leaking, dry hits and poor flavour.

4: Pay attention to the condition of your batteries. We offer a free re-wrapping service for batteries with torn wraps. Safely dispose of batteries with dents, corrosion, arcing or any noticeable damage. Batteries should be replaced after 12 months or 300 charges.


Device won’t fire:

1: Check the device is charged, switched on and the coil / tank is installed correctly.

2: Check for any error messages or flashing lights, refer to your devices manual for details.

3: Check all contact points are clear of debris, liquid or dust. Clean if necessary.

4: Replace the coil / pod. This will resolve most issues of this nature.

Device leaking:

1: Dry condensation and excess liquid out of the device daily.

2: Avoid exposing your device to hot environments and direct sunlight.

3: Change your coil / pod on a regular basis. Old coils will cause leaking.

4: Check all the threads and seals on your tank are not worn out or missing. Replace if necessary.

5: Ensure you are using liquids appropriate for your device. Pay attention to the VG / PG ratio and do not use nicotine salts in sub-ohm devices.

Liquid turning brown:

This is a natural process of nicotine oxidising when exposed to light and oxygen. This will happen quickly once liquid has been put into your tank. Avoiding exposure to light is the best way to mitigate this process. Darkened liquids do not pose any extra risk but may affect the flavour and cause leaking if excessive.

Store your liquid and device in a cool, dark place. Especially avoid leaving them in a hot car or in direct sunlight.

Dry hits: 

This is caused by the liquid being consumed at a faster rate than the coil can absorb it. Chain-vaping will increase the risk of this happening and reduce the life of the coil. It is important to let your device rest in between puffs to ensure the coil has time to absorb liquid. If dry hits persist, check you are using the correct power and airflow settings for your device.

Spitting hot liquid: 

This is a sign of excess liquid being present in the coil. This will occur when the device has been left for some time without use. Excess liquid can be purged by blowing into the tank whilst firing for the first time in a while. If spitting persists, check the age and condition of the coil and that all power and airflow settings are correct.

Under-powering your coils will cause excessive spitting. Devices should always be set within the recommended parameters stated on the coil.

Tastes burnt:

This is usually because the coil has burnt out and needs replacing. Replace your coils on a regular basis to ensure optimum flavour. 

Check your device is on the correct settings for your coil and adjust if necessary.

Do not exceed the wattage limit recommended for your coil.

Tastes harsh:

This is often caused by high nicotine levels in the liquid. Consider lowering your nicotine strength if harshness becomes excessive. 

Ensure you are using liquids appropriate for your device. Nicotine salts should not be used in sub-ohm devices.

Low quality liquids can have a harsh taste. Always use premium liquids for the best experience.

We are always happy to help if you have any questions or need advice.

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